Michael Vick’s Rescued Fighting Dogs Meet Again Years Later And What Happens Is Powerful

Many of us remember when the news was released about Michael Vick’s illegal dog fighting operation. Along with his associates, Vick kept and trained over 50 pitbulls and forced them into high-stakes fighting bets. Absolutely disgusting news that brought this terrible reality to the forefront of animal lovers’ minds.

But Vick was held accountable for his actions, and, luckily, many the innocent dogs whose innocence he stole, were given a second chance.

In 2008, 22 dogs who were rescued from Vick’s Bad News Kennels were taken in by Best Friends Animal Society. In the years that followed, dedicated volunteers were able to rehabilitate these abused pups, reteaching them what it means to be safe, loved and cared for.

While many of these dogs, affectionately referred to as ‘Vicktory dogs’ went on to get forever homes, an amazing reunion took place in 2013, where they were able to meet again. Their reactions to one another is absolutely moving – I cannot believe these are the same poor pups who, just a few years ago, were conditioned to attack one another on command.

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