Military Dog Who Suffers From Terminal Cancer, Gets Heartwarming Hero’s Farewell

It was an incredibly emotional and challenging farewell between Cena, a Black Labrador Retriever, and his best friend, Lance Cpl. Jeffrey DeYoung. Cena, who served as a bomb sniffer for the US Marine Corps for four and a half years, was preparing to rest after a life of service.

Cena’s six months of service in Afghanistan with DeYoung fostered an unbreakable bond between them. There were many moments that cemented their connection, such as when DeYoung carried Cena across a river, or when he kept him warm on the coldest nights. Even under heavy Taliban fire, DeYoung threw himself over Cena to protect him.

In turn, Cena provided comfort to DeYoung during an intensely difficult time when he lost seven of his closest comrades over a three-week period. After DeYoung was honorably discharged, they were separated, a tough transition for both. Cena continued his service as an active-duty bomb-sniffing Marine for four more years. When Cena retired in 2014, DeYoung promptly adopted him. For the next three years, they shared a unique and beautiful life together. However, this joy was cut short when Cena was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer, leaving DeYoung feeling completely powerless.

In these difficult moments, DeYoung chose to focus on making each day memorable by organizing a bucket list for Cena. DeYoung expressed on his last night with Cena that he felt overwhelmed and did not want to face the reality, but would stay strong because Cena had filled his life with happiness and love. After Cena’s departure, DeYoung wrote a heartfelt thank you to Cena on his Facebook page, commemorating their unique bond and the joy they brought to each other’s lives.

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