Millie The Labrador Decides To Adopt Baby Squirrel

How do you think that animals learn to be compassionate? Where do you think they learn this from? While a lot of people says it’s basically the animals who are compassionate themselves, I think that apart from that, even the family they’re living with play a key role in establishing those feelings beforehand. Don’t you think? For example, if a dog has been trained to bite, will bite, but a dog who’s trained to love will love no matter who he or she comes in contact with, right?

This family did an amazing job in training their Labrador called Millie because what she did surprised everyone in her family and animals lovers worldwide! Millie’s family found an abandoned squirrel on the ground, so after failing to locate his mother, they decided to care for him until he was strong enough to go back into the wild. As soon as Millie found out, this is how she reacted!

Take a look at this video below!

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