Mini Dachshund Welcomes Soldier Home In A Big Way

No other animal in the world can give you a more loving welcome than a dog does! So when this soldier came home after being deployed for several months, the family’s mini Dachshund couldn’t be more excited to see him!

The cute little Doxie was so thrilled to see her daddy that she was barking excitedly at the front door. After being gone for months, she has missed him so much! He may have been away for a long time, but this cutie hasn’t forgotten daddy’s scent; she knew he was by the door! So when he came in, she couldn’t wait to shower him with welcome home kisses and loving hugs! Watch the adorable video below!

Awwww…wasn’t that sweet!? Did you hear the sounds she made while she was waiting by the door? So cute!! And you can see that she’s so happy to see her daddy home!! What a sweetie!

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