Mini-Puppies Are A Real Thing — And They’re About To Take Over The World

Puppies are a gift from above! If you have ever been lucky enough to raise a dog from a young age, you know how great puppies are! They are so energetic and happy; they are curious and get into a lot of trouble too! There are a lot of rules they have to learn, you have to have the patience to teach them.

They are cuddly and adorable and – well, cute as buttons! Some puppies are fluffy, others are short-haired, but no matter what, it is hard to resist those puppy dog eyes! The puppies pictured below will melt your heart! Enjoy!

1. That pocket was made just for this purpose!


2. Someone isn’t’ too happy about having a bath. With those puppy dog eyes, you should probably feel guilty for disrupting his day to give him a bath.


3. Hi there!


4. A whole pile of puppies and they are asleep (how often does that happen)!


5. Aww, the can is almost as big as the dog! I guess being that small is thirsty work!


6. Comfy? I wonder if they expect the puppy to grow up to fit the pillow, or if the pillow belongs to this pup’s mom.


7. Awww! Talk about cute!


8. I didn’t know they came in that size!


9. Future all-star!


10. Snuggle buds!


11. Safe and sound – and warm! No way this puppy is going to wander off!


12. Those chubby cheeks! It is the tilt of this pup’s head that will get you every time!


13. Dapper little fellow! Looks like the perfect picture for a campaign poster!


14. Yes, yes, a belly rub, please!


15. Hello, I am a fox, please love me.


16. Anyone else see the family resemblance here?


17. Wow! That is one tiny pup!


18. This one almost looks like a stuffed dog!


19. Ah Ha! That can is only a little shorter than this little pup!


20. They fit inside cups and mugs? Aww, I wish they stayed this size forever!


21. Smile!


22. Hello cutie, are you ready to go and play?


Alright, now that you have seen 22 picture of cuteness – you may need to scroll back up and take another look! Then you will have to share these pictures with your friends so that their day is a little brighter!

Having a pet is a very rewarding (and challenging) experience. They don’t stay cute and cuddly like the puppies above for long – but dogs will remain loyal and loving for their entire lives. Now, go show your dog (or cat) how much you love them!

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