Miracle? Nope. Microchip! Blind Yorkie From South Florida Turns Up In NC

When Rudy Torres’ dog went missing back in August, digging out from the yard, the South Florida family was heartbroken.

“My kids didn’t even want to celebrate Christmas, that’s how distraught they were,” Torres told WBTV.

Torres did what most families do, posting flyers around the neighborhood and on every lost-dog site he could find, but to no avail. As Christmas approached, the family felt as though they’d never see Captain Jack again. They worried even more so because Jack is an old timer at 11 and blind to boot.

Around the time the Torres family was lamenting their loss, Adela Diaz was driving along near her Huntersville, NC, home, when she spotted a small dog running along the road side. An animal lover, she pulled over to help, picking him up and heading over to Petsmart to see if he might have a microchip.

And just like that, there was a hit.

Employees there told her the dog was registered to an owner in South Florida.

Diaz’ friend, Maria Kosches, signed on to help. Though the number was outdated, she rang a clinic in Florida that helped her to a name: Rudy Torres. Kosches made the call.

“She asked me, ‘Are you missing a dog?’ And I was taken aback and I was like ‘Alright, who’s playing around?”

Nearly half a year and 700 miles later, a shocked but emotional Torres now knew Captain Jack’s whereabouts. He wasted no time getting on a plane. Tears were shed, pastries were shared, everyone was elated.

“I’m going to be cheesy and call it a Christmas miracle,” Torres said.

Diaz and Kosches wouldm’t take the reward Torres offered. They were simply delighted to reunite the dog with his family.

All three want to remind folks out there that microchips can make miracles happen.

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