Mischievous Dog Eats Through Front Door

When we come home after a log day at work we pet owners love to be greeted by our four-legged friends at the door, but how would you react if you came home, and before even taking your keys out, you saw your dog’s head sticking out through the front door? Thirty-five-year-old Ceri Anne Lewis Hall from Newport, Wales, was shocked to see her dog’s head coming out through her closed and locked front door. Poppy’s excited and welcoming face was visible right from the sidewalk.


The two-year-old German shepherd and Old English Sheepdog mix is lovingly called by her owner ‘Poppy The Destroyer.’ It seems there’s nothing that can hold her down. She’s like Houdini and can open locked doors, jump over baby gates, take off window screens, destroy cat door flaps, and her latest – eat through door mail slots, making large openings to stick her head through.

“She’d basically ripped off the entire letter box and had eaten her way through the front door,” Lewis Hall told the Wales Online. “Her head was just poking out staring at me. She had a really excited look on her face like ‘look mam, look what I’ve done.’

The pet owner had gone shopping after dropping off her youngest child at daycare and was looking forward to a relaxing day. Yet the plans to sit back and relax were out the door as soon as the woman realized the costly damage the pooch made.


“Coming home and seeing your dog hanging through your front door is just surreal,” said the surprised owner. “I can laugh about it now but at the time I was in shock. The first thing I thought was ‘oh my God I’ve been burgled.’”

There’s nothing to be done now, and all the woman can do is replace the door, which will set her back financially.

Lewis Hall was in the Territorial Army for 12 years and suffers from alopecia, a problem with the immune system which can often be related to stress. Even though Poppy and her path of destruction can cause lots of stress, the amount of love and laughter she gives her owner is immeasurable.

There is an online fundraiser set up to help cover the costs of a new door and alleviate the economic stress this last stunt is costing the pet owner. Any additional funds will be donated to Woofles, an animal rescue in Tredegar.

If you would like to help not only this family but other pets in need, consider making a donation.

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