Missing Dog Finds Her Way Back To The Shelter And Rings The Doorbell

I think that most of us are aware that dogs are intelligent, but some dogs take intelligence to the next level. That was true in Texas when a recently adopted dog went missing but knew just what to do to get rescued again.

After the husky mix, Bailey, went missing on January 29, her family was in a full-out panic. They wanted to do everything they could to get their beloved dog back, so they contacted the Animal Rescue League of El Paso who shared about the missing pup on Facebook.

As it turns out, Bailey was already hatching a plan to get rescued again. It took two days, but Bailey was able to locate the shelter where she had stayed at before being adopted.

According to WTHR, this was no small feat, as she had to travel 10 miles before she finally found her way to the shelter’s front door. What did she do when she got there? She rang the doorbell!

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso had already posted about Bailey, hoping someone would find her and alert them to her location. They said: “This beautiful girl – Bailey – has gotten loose in the area of Mesa and Sunland Park, on the west side. She is very friendly. If you spot her or find her, please call.”

There were sightings of Bailey from various locations, but the most important sighting happened at 1:15 AM. Bailey had found her way to the shelter and managed to ring the Ring doorbell. Staff looked at the doorbell footage and, imagine their surprise when they saw Bailey looking back at them!

In their Facebook post, they admitted that dogs are incredible. After ringing the doorbell, staff rushed to the shelter and put her in the dog run. Bailey was happy they were happy as well!

The shelter then said: “This girl is amazing. Love the Ring doorbell camera… Bailey was letting everyone know she was home and wanted in. Sad not sad. She lived at the shelter for soooo long this was home to her. She felt safe here. When she got loose she was on a mission to get home… So happy that she’s home safe.”

In an interview with a local news station, the founder of the rescue league, Loretta Hyde, said that these dogs are smarter than most people give them credit for. She wondered how she knew what direction to go. Even though that will never be known, Bailey knows.

It was also more than just an unexpected visit. The fact that Bailey returned to the shelter shows how much the dog loved her time there.

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