Missing Dog Found Wandering The Streets With Large, Unusual Friend

Everyone, meet Petey the pig and K2 the dog–two inseparable pals who got lost together.

Petey and K2 are best buddies. They grew up together and they do everything together; they eat together, they sleep together, and they even got lost together. And now they have been found–still together! When they were found, it was the dog who first got spotted. When the people who found K2 led him to their backyard, they were surprised to see the pig follow the dog. They then called animal control services. But when the animal control officer tried to take the dog, the pig started squealing! They then realized that the two are budddies!

Watch the video below for the full story!

This unlikely pair sure caught the attention of many! It’s just so cute watching a dog and a pig who have an inseparable bond and such a beautiful friendship!

Thankfully, Petey and K2 are now back safe at home.

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  1. monica

    I am happy with owners and save and they are so cute together.I love that the owners care about there awesome pets and so sweet your pets are like family.

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