Missing Dog From Kansas Found Eight Years Later In Idaho

One of the most distressing things that can happen to a family with pets is losing one of the pets. When they go missing, it sends us into a panic, and we immediately start working to get our beloved family member back home.

Undoubtedly, that is how Nicolle Leon felt when her beloved beagle, Roscoe, disappeared from home. They were living in Wichita, Kansas at the time, and at first, they did everything they could to find Roscoe and bring him home.

The problem was Roscoe would remain elusive, and years would pass without any news of what had happened. That changed eight years later, however, when Roscoe was located 1000 miles away in Idaho.

41-year-old Leon spoke to Fox News, saying that Roscoe was wagging his tail immediately after leaving the van. When she took Roscoe inside to the children, he was super excited, wagging his tail and jumping all over them.

Roscoe had been missing since 2015, and at the time, he was only a year old. Leon had picked up Roscoe for the children, Alani and Alex as a gift. They were only eight and five years old when Roscoe was a puppy.

The family had gone out for a while, and when they returned home, Roscoe was nowhere to be found. They had no idea what had happened because it didn’t look like he dug under the fence.

According to Fox News, the family had always suspected that someone had stolen Roscoe and kept him. They thought that perhaps anyone who had Roscoe would know he had been stolen as well.

For years, they waited to hear news about Roscoe. He was microchipped, but nobody had any information. The local Humane Society had even posted flyers, but the family continued to grieve the loss of their puppy.

This is where the story gets interesting. Katherine Miller and Shae DeBerry happened to see Roscoe in the town of Caldwell, Idaho. That town is over 1000 miles away from Wichita.

Roscoe’s pictures had been posted on a lost and found pets Facebook page, and DeBerry is the administrator. Miller is a volunteer and animal advocate. Since she had a microchip scanner, she could use it to identify Roscoe.

Leon was away from home working in Texas when she received the call late at night. Someone on the other end of the phone said they found her dog.

At first, Leon thought that one of her other dogs had run away because she was asleep when the call came in. After she talked to the woman and realized she was in Idaho, she told her it could not be her dog because she lives in Kansas.

After talking to her a little longer, she found out it was a beagle, and she knew it was Roscoe immediately.

After Roscoe was found in Caldwell, someone reached out to Miller, and she was able to scan the dog. They contacted the microchip company and found information that led them to the Leon family.

According to Yahoo!, DeBerry said: “It was also a ‘wow’ moment because Roscoe was the first animal for Katherine to scan, and he’d been missing for most of his life.”

They were able to pick up Roscoe after he was brought to the West Valley Humane Society animal shelter in Caldwell. Leon had to fill out a form and it allowed DeBerry to claim her on her behalf.

They feel that Roscoe was probably confused and a little sad about all of the changes that were taking place. He was a shy dog and not exactly the same when he first came home, but that soon changed.

Leon also said that if Roscoe was with a good family and being cared for, she didn’t want to take that away from them. If nobody came forward and claimed him, she would be willing to get him.

Nobody posted about the missing dog, so Leon arranged for Roscoe to be taken home to Kansas on January 13. Two complete strangers took the time to drive the dog 1000 miles home.

Now that Roscoe is back home, he is getting plenty of attention. As Leon says, there is no lack of love happening in their house. Roscoe is spoiled, and they are giving him all the love he needs.

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