They Were Missing A Part Of Their Family, So They Drove Across The Country For This

Life’s been an uphill battle for Batty the bulldog. The sweet little guy was born completely blind and at just five months old, he was dumped at an animal shelter in California because his owners couldn’t afford to care for him. Fast forward to today, and Batty has been taken in by a loving forever family, with a big brother just like him.

The kindhearted couple that adopted Batty, Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers, heard about his story thanks to the Sacramento SPCA. Knowing they had to give the pooch a loving home, they decided to make the 2,000-mile journey from Wisconsin to adopt him. They already had one blind dog named Soto and were hoping for a playmate for him. As it turns out, Batty and Soto were a perfect match!

To give him a fresh start in life, Batty is now called Agos, short for Agios which in Greek means ‘saint.’ He’s been living with his new family for a few weeks and absolutely loves his new brother. The pair is understandably inseparable!

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