Missing Something? These Sneaky Animals Might Have Something To Do With It

If you have a furry friend at home, chances are you’ve lost something to their sneaky little paws. Dogs live to eat, and cats are curiously stealthy — both are always on the lookout for good stuff to grab from their humans. If you’ve ever left a sandwich on the kitchen counter, only to come back to an empty plate and a very happy fur baby, you’ll love the video below. Next time, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your pet doesn’t take your turkey club, set up your camera to catch them in the act!


My beagle has done sneaky things like this so many times, but I never thought to catch her on camera! I need to get a GoPro or figure out how to use my iPhone to record her jumping up on the kitchen table. Has your dog or cat ever done something like this?

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