Mom Adopts A ‘Normal’ Puppy, But When Her Husband Sees The Truth? He’s FLOORED!

Sue was really determined to adopt a shelter dog. She wanted to get a dog, and keep him as a companion. the thing is that her husband agreed only if they would get a mall dog that didn’t grew really big. The thing is that as soon as Sue went to the shelter, she fall in love with a little puppy. She brought Yoggi home. He was black and white, under two pounds. She lied her husband about their little adopted dog. He was not what he seemed…


Sue told her husband that the little puppy was a Jack Russell puppy, that would not grow bigger than 15-20 pounds. But the truth was that she brought home one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, a Great Dane. Yoggi would grow faster they could have ever imagined, and he was going to be such a surprise for Robert…


Yoggi grew into one of the biggest dogs in the UK, and he weighs now 210 pounds. He is costing Sue and Robert more than $200 in month. Little did Robert know that Yoggi would grow this big, but by the time he realized, he was way too much in love with this delightful pet.


The couple has had Yoggi for almost a decade now, and he is 6-foot 10-inches long. Since he is a massive dog, mom and dad have to dress him in a horse coat when he has to go outside and play.


The greatest thing is that Yogi “The bear” has a friend. This couple adopted a stray cat not so long ago, and the two of them became inseparable ever since. They are both lazy, and they love to lay down at the sofa all day long.


Hearing the inspiring story of Yogi, makes me agree with little white lies like this one. I see this situation as a win win. This couple found a really loving amazing per, and on the other hand Yogi found a forever loving home!


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