Mom Asks Her Dog If He Pooped On The Floor, Husky Proceeds To Give Her An Earful

Dogs are great at being trained to go outside when nature calls, but sometimes accidents happen. You can do your very best to take them out or walk them when you can, but there are times when you may have to leave them home alone for up to hours at a time. Watch Zeus the Husky try to cover the situation up when confronted about the mess on the floor.

“Did you poop on the floor today?” mom asks her dog. He howls in protest, but his demeanor is as guilty as any I’ve ever seen.

“Did you poop because you were mad or because it was truly an accident?” Apparently Zeus has been known to get back at mom by purposely going on the carpet!

The Husky’s biggest reaction comes when mom calls him a bad dog. Zeus really takes this personally and gives mom an earful. You can blame him all you want for the poop on the floor, but never ever take it so far as to call him a bad dog. He resents that remark! 🙂

Zeus the stubborn Husky has pleaded his case, but we think he’s guilty. How about you? 😛

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