Mom Buries Beloved German Shepherd’s Ashes. When She Reveals His Tombstone, Unbelievable…

Our country has seen the return of many war heroes. No matter what they did overseas, anyone who served their country in a war zone is a hero. Some of the brave men and women who served saw action on the front lines. Other members of our armed forces had to stay back to plan and organize the dangerous operations.

Not all of our returning heroes are human, many of them are canines! We have all heard the stories about how dogs saved the lives of their humans overseas! When the dogs retire from service, they often get adopted and live out their lives with a loving family. This video we learn about Max, a bomb-sniffing dog. After his retirement, he was adopted by Pam Pelton.

 Take a look at this video:

After his death, Pam worked for two years to get him the funeral he deserved. Thank you for your service Max, RIP. Share away, people.

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