Mom Captures A Special Moment Between Her Baby Girl And Dog

Abba the Shih Tzu has already been making news in internet circles. And this time she has been filmed by her owners having a bonding time with their cute little baby girl, Adelyn. Shih Tzu’s are generally perceived to be affectionate, outgoing, loyal and alert. Their fatal cuteness and small size makes them less intimidating and easy to accommodate in an apartment. Generally they require less exercise. Also toddlers tend to be generally comfortable around them.

Shih Tzu can be fractious sometimes if not properly trained. So care should be taken when they are interacting with little babies and kids. But Abba on the other hand is a perfect example of a well tamed dog.

He has a close friend in Adelyn.This tiny event highlights the loving and caring relation that a dog and its owners have. And it really is uplifting to see such love existing in this world where no good news makes headlines every day. The world needs a breather and this video, this simple act of joy provides one.

[youtube id=”MLD5kIEaAN4″]

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