Mom Documents Pippin The Golden Retriever’s Obsession With Delivery People

Dogs seem to have either a love or hate relationship with mailmen and delivery people. They either can’t stand the fact that this stranger is lollygagging about on their property, or they love the attention (and sometimes treats!) that comes along with the packages.

As for Pippin the Golden Retriever, she’s a bit obsessed with delivery people of any type: the mailman, UPS guy, FedEx guy, you name it. She uses these deliveries as an excuse to get free pats and treats, and she has no regrets! 🙂

Mom documented Pippin’s relationship with these delivery people over time and made a compilation video out of it all. It’s one of the best parts of the day for the playful six-year-old dog, and the mailmen seem to love it too!

“Pippin has always been very friendly with everyone, especially our mail men,” Pippin’s owner said.

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