Mom Dog Saves Her Puppies From Floodwaters!

We have heard so much about the terrible flooding in India recently and how so many people have been displaced and injured, but we never hear about the animals that are threatened. There are a lot of stray dogs in India and not many resources to care for them, but this one Mama Dog is determined to care for her puppies.


She has found a dry spot for her puppies, but it must be apparent to her that the water is rising. Clearly, she needs to find a safe for her babies.

One by one she takes her puppies in her mouth and swims through the filthy flood waters to higher ground. The water is obviously very high and moving swiftly as you can see stranded and abandoned motorcycles and cars in the video.

The puppies seem content to enjoy the ride through the water. Their tails are wagging and they are not struggling to be put down. She has a nice, safe and drier spot for them on the other side.

I guess it is what all mother’s would do for their children. She is literally risking her life to save them. What a good and very brave Mom she is!

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