Mom drops son off at school, his dog starts crying

Poor dog! As Gabriela C. drops her son off at school, the dog is not happy, she doesn’t want her best buddy to leave, so sad! She tries with all her might to make her buddy stay but it isn’t going to work. He has to go to school, he has no choice. When the kid finally is able to get out of the car, the dog is heart broken. Why is the back seat empty? How come her best buddy left him, it’s not fair!

Gabriela C. tries to calm her dog down but it doesn’t seem to be working. She continues to whimper and move back and forth on the back seat. She is so sad, all she wants it to see her best friend again! When Gabriela tells her they will go back for him later, she starts to listen to her a little more, eventually she comes to the front seat with her. Great job! According to Gabriela C., this dog cries every morning after she drops off her son at school in Texas, USA. So adorable, they love each other so much!

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