Mom Just Busted This Pup Tearing Up Paper Towels. Her Reaction? Pretty Funny!

Most of the time, when dogs are caught red-handed stealing something, chewing something they shouldn’t, or doing some form of mischief, they either run away, or give you that sweet apologetic look that you just can’t resist. They know they’re guilty, so they either flee or they ask forgiveness. And with those cute puppy-dog eyes and that sorry face, we just can’t stay mad at them.

But the dog in the video below is different. Harley Quinn, a.k.a. HQ, was caught by her owner shredding the paper towel. But she doesn’t feel sorry at all. No apologetic look, and no guilty face! Instead, HQ attacks her owner to ensure there’s no witness to the crime! Check out the video below!

This cutie wanted to make sure there were no loose ends and no witnesses to the crime she has done. LOL!

Check out more videos of Harley Quinn at her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram @HQ_the_Maltipoo.

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