Mom Scans Backyard Before Letting The Dogs Out, Sees Alligator In The Pool

Only in Florida! A family woke up on a Monday morning at their Palm Beach Gardens home to find an unwanted guest in their pool. And they wouldn’t be able to get rid of it without some help.

Senta Evans scanned the backyard before letting the dogs out as she always does, but this time she spotted something in the swimming pool. She yelled for her husband, Mike, who didn’t expect to see such a large creature. They called trappers to rescue what they thought was a six-foot alligator. It turned out to be nine feet long!

The family watched the trapper in amazement as he pulled the gator out of the pool. The man thinks it may have come into their yard under the chain link fence but couldn’t be certain.

In their 12 years at the home, the family had never encountered a gator in the yard. They’ll continue to enjoy the property but take extra precaution in the future.

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