Mom Surprises 10-Year-Old Girl With Shelter Dog She Always Wanted

Having a pet is a big responsibility, but they can bring a lot of joy into our lives as well. For kids, pet ownership is a way to build responsibility and also teach compassion and how to care for someone else.

10-year-old Alexandria was set on owning a dog and she knew she wanted to rescue one from a shelter.

Alexandria and her mom, Angela, decided to check out the Arizona Humane Society to see if they had any pups that might fit into their family. As it turns out, one particular dog caught Alexandria’s eye – a black and white pit bull named Wyatt.

The moment the little girl laid her eyes on Wyatt, she knew he was the dog for her. But much to her dismay, her mom said they couldn’t bring him home.

As the Arizona Humane Society shared on Facebook, “As soon as Alexandria met Wyatt, she started crying. ‘He’s the one that’s going to take good care of us, mom!’ she’d said, ‘If you go get him, I promise to love him forever and take really good care of him.’”

However, Angela told her daughter that’d it be better to hold off on adopting a dog, so they left empty-handed.

What Alexandria didn’t know was that her mom was quietly keeping tabs on Wyatt. She was checking his online adoption profile to make sure he stayed up for adoption before she secretly made an appointment to get him.

Immediately after adopting Wyatt, Angela drove to Alexandria’s school to pick her up and show her their newest addition to the family. The moment that Alexandria meets Wyatt was captured on video and it’s so sweet! Alexandria is overwhelmed with emotions and can’t believe what’s right in front of her.

Since then, the two have become inseparable. It seems like Wyatt has fit into their family perfectly!

Watch the surprise video below:

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