Mom Transforms Dog’s Safe Space Crate Into Something A Little More Comfortable

When Bella was first rescued and brought home, she was scared of everything. It was obvious she had never been in a house before or knew how to act like a dog. But she slowly started to come out of her shell with the help of her dog brother, Mack.

As Bella adapted to this life and learned to trust her family, she had one thing she could always go to for comfort: her crate. It was her safe space. It was always open so she could get in whenever she felt the need.

Since this crate was so vital to Bella’s growth, her Mom, Melissa Maher, decided to give it a bit of an upgrade. She decorated the crate for an hour and a half as Bella watched curiously. By the end, it had become the cutest and comfiest space!

When it was all finished, Bella headed in to check it out and lay down. She loved her crate before, but now it was so much better!

Bella has come a long way in life after a rough past, and she’ll always have her Mom and her crate to help her get through anything. 🙂

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