Mom Who’s Recording, Suddenly Hears Toddler Teaching Dog How To Be Polite!

Dog training is serious work. It takes time, patience, repetition, and depending on the dog – it may take a lot of treats! In this video, we are introduced to Hadley, a three-year-old dog trainer in training. You have to start somewhere – right?! Hadley is ‘training’ her dog, Gage, a Goldendoodle. Thankfully, Gage is a patient and gentle student.

The trick of the day is learning how to shake a paw. My favorite part was when Hadley decided to look at the underside of Gage’s paw. Gage looked at her like and seemed to be saying “My paw doesn’t twist that way, but I know you have a treat, so go for it!”

Take a look at this video!

Hadley already has a strong attachment with Gage and will grow up knowing how to treat animals!

Share this cute ‘instructional’ video with your friends. Who knows, they may pick up some good dog training tips!

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