Mom Won’t Let Dog Bury His Bone Outside, Now Has To Hear All About It

Sometimes a dog just wants to bury its treat and save it for later. It’s in their instincts to do so, after all. But that can be an issue when the weather is not in agreement. Zeus the Husky wants to take a bone outside to bury, but Mom doesn’t think that’s such a great idea.

It has been raining, and the backyard is a complete mess. Zeus obviously doesn’t mind, but Mom says no. But that’s not going to be the end of that; Huskies are a talkative breed and always have to get in the last word. 😉

Zeus starts throwing a tantrum with the treat still in his mouth, and it only escalates from there. He has some harsh (and loud) words for Mom and lets her hear all about it! Can you imagine? Huskies will be Huskies! 😀

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