Mom Worries When Entranced Dog Won’t Break His Stare At Same Spot Everyday

Loyalty is a trait most dogs willingly exhibit to the humans they love. Ask any dog parent and they will tell you countless stories where their dog remained true despite time, challenges, and even changes in family members.

In this heartwarming story, which is truly quite simple, a loving and loyal dog waits for his human brother to come home from school. It’s not an extraordinary thing, really. But as you watch the video, and really look into the dog’s eyes as he stares out the window while he eagerly anticipates the bus’s arrival, you can see the genuine intensity of this dog’s love.

His stare is trancelike for good reason, this is the moment he waits for every day once his favorite boy leaves home in the early hours.

Dogs can sense time of day and are usually pretty accurate when it comes to a consistent routine. Once the sun hits a certain point, or a dog can sense enough time has passed, he or she will then take notice and get ready to respond appropriately.

However, this story isn’t about routine as much as it’s about love. We often wonder how anyone’s life can be totally full without a dog. Can they undoubtedly say they’ve experienced unconditional love in its truest form if they’ve never had a dog before?

We would argue no. If someone doesn’t agree, send them this story and we bet their minds will change. If you want to see what love looks like and what happens once that door opens, click play on the video below!

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