That Moment When You Look At Your Dog & They Pretend They Weren’t Looking At You

Some dogs would look at you straight in the eye. However, there are dogs who would stare at you when you’re not looking, and then look the other way when you turn your head to them. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below and you’ll see!

This guy was casually taking a video of himself and his Dachshund. While taking the video, the cute Dachshund kept staring at him. It makes me wonder why she’s staring at him. Hmmm…I wonder what she’s thinking about. Well anyway, when he turns his head to look at his dog, she then turns her head the other way, it’s like she’s pretending she wasn’t staring. LOL! I don’t know why but I think it’s adorable! Check out the video below!
LOL! It’s rude to stare, doggy!

Well, I’ve never seen my dog do something like this. How about you? Does your dog do this too?

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