That Moment When Your Tired 5 Week Old Puppy Falls Asleep In The Water Bowl

We all have those days sometimes where we simply cannot keep our eyes open. No matter how many cups of coffee or how many silent pep talks, we just. want. sleep. Believe it or not, puppies can relate!

I know what you’re thinking…Puppies? The adorable little creatures that spend their days being doted on and snuggled and played with? They can relate to my exhaustion? Well, if this video is any indication…then yes!

A group of 5 week-old Golden Retrievers are enjoying some outside time and fresh water. That, right there, would probably have been enough to make you smile, but it gets better. Out of nowhere, Andy, the floppy, tired little star of the video, starts to doze off!

The best part? He doesn’t retreat to his doggie bed and plop down for a nap…he does it right there, in his water bowl! Watching him try to fight the urge to sleep is adorable and relatable. We’ve all been there, Andy…but at least your nap can double as bathtime!
No need to fight it, Andy…this is a no-judgement zone! We hope he was able to settle into a nice long nap after the cameras were gone. Where’s the funniest place your dogs have decided to take a nap?

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