Mom’s Dogs Always Come With Her To The Bathroom – No Matter Where They Are

Our dogs love us and want to be around us at all times — and that’s an amazing feeling! But that also means that sometimes our privacy takes a backseat. Wherever you go, there they are!

For Abby Rose Avery, she’s used to having her pups by her side at all times. Even when she has to go to the bathroom, she gets to see those smiling faces! And recently, they were out on a hike when Mom had to use the restroom.

She had no choice but to take all five dogs into the stall of the public restroom with her. Riley, Libby, Cali, Murphy, and Sophie were happy to tag along, as always!

There was a family barbeque going on at the time at the park, and the sight of Abby bringing her dogs along for a bathroom break provided for some lighthearted laughs.

“A woman next to me in the stall said, ‘That’s a lot of feet!’” Abby told The Dodo.

Just another day for these doggos! Making sure Mom is safe at all times is their job, and they’re happy to do it. And Abby wouldn’t have it any other way!

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