Monkey Snatches Puppy Right Off Of The Street Leaving Onlookers Fearing The Worst

A homeless puppy on the streets of Rode, India, was down and out of luck like all of the other strays with nowhere to go and no one to care for them. Little did the pup know a hero would come along and swoop him up—but it would be quite the unlikely rescuer.

A wild monkey saw the lonely puppy, and his paternal instincts kicked in prompting him to grab the dog and take him to safety. Without hesitation, the monkey adopted the pup as his own. He would provide food, shelter, and protection as the adopter and new dad of this stray.

The monkey and puppy duo has become pretty famous in the Rode area, for obvious reasons. People have never seen anything like it! The monkey clutches his puppy close and carries him around just like he would with a baby of his own kind. The locals leave food out to help when they see the pair.

Everytime they eat, the monkey lets the puppy eat first like any good parent would. The monkey has also been seen cleaning his adopted son by picking off fleas and mites keeping the puppy in much better shape than he’d be on the streets alone.

The unlikely pair is a perfect fit for one another. While we wish every dog could have a loving forever home, this one has at least found a caretaker in a place where that’s so rare. And they are proof that love can transcend species. Share this amazing story with all of your friends. 🙂

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