A Monster Abandoned This Puppy, But 60 Days Later…

Wish you could chronicle your life in a long string of photographs? Like a giant photo roller coaster of your entire life… It would be amazing right? Meet Joy, the runt of the litter who was rescued by a shelter called Howl of a Dog from a busy road. Even his rescuers were so smitten by Joy that they decided to make this AMAZING video roll of Joy’s first 60 days of life.

To see this little fur ball puppy sleeping in the first week to getting a new tiger toy and growling at it for the first time, Joy has had a magic journey actually. To be honest, when the video starts, Joy almost looks harmless. But, soon he almost becomes Bigfoot with his tiger toy! Talk about new Mr. Bigfoot- Joy!

Take a look at this awesome video!

We love all babies :D. But the way this pup began his cuteness graph with a lovely slumber on the first day to the horror he did to his toy at last, we are still shocked! Amaze your friends with this story too!

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