A Monster Broke 13 Of Her Bones, Will She Ever Walk Again?

No one deserves what Angel had to endure! Not a single being on this planet! Sadly, there are monsters around us that do horrible things to beautiful creatures. Thankfully, Angel was rescued but no one was sure if she would ever fully recover.

She had 13 broken bones in her body. 13! But… she survived and was rescued. She made it to a wonderful facility where the entire team came together to help her. Her new loving foster parents, the vet techs and all the wonderful doctors worked tirelessly to help Angel get stronger.

After she had the surgeries she needed, she started hydrotherapy to get her bones and muscles moving. Dogs do very well in hydrotherapy. It’s a gentle and fun way to retrain their bodies. Angel smiled through the entire process!

Angel no longer has to worry about being mistreated. She is loved and cherished, just as she deserves to be. Please, if you ever suspect animal abuse or neglect, contact your local authorities. ALL animals deserve love. No matter what!

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