Monster Teens Accused Of Beheading 3 Stray Puppies Have Been Arrested

This is just sickening. Two teens from Alabama are facing charges after they took photos and videos of them tossing around and beheading puppies. The two little monsters were caught after police were alerted by a cell phone app called Snapchat. The message was deleted, but it showed a Facebook post where Ashley Johnston and another unidentified teen tossing puppies into the air and beheading them with a machete.

I wish this weren’t true, but Ashley even admitted to doing it with his friend, and said he felt remorse now. The two both face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, and we hope they can both be tried as adults for this horrible deed. The police, however, described them as kids being stupid.


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  1. RubyRedd

    Omg. This is beyond cruel. They say serial killers start by killing and torturing animals. Not that they are but I hope they get time in jail and wake them up as to how horrible this crime was.

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