Montana rescue dog sadly whimpers while watching animal cruelty ad on television

It was an emotional moment for a Montana rescue dog as he sat in front of the family’s television and sadly whimpered and cried when an advertisement from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty appeared showing abused and neglected animals accompanied by the touching background music. According to the dog’s owner, Happy became extremely agitated when the commercial came on – perhaps he remembers the theme music?

Natalie LaTurno, who is Happy’s human companion stated:

“I adopted my rescue dog, Happy, from C.A.R.E animal shelter in Springfield, Missouri about 9 years ago (he is 10 years old now),”

As to her dog’s reaction, Natalie did admit this isn’t the first time he reacted this way:

“I’m not sure if the commercial played often at the shelter he was at or if he truly just has an emotional connection to the song or animals on the screen. I guess that would be a question only he would know the answer to,” she admitted.

Everyday we learn a little bit more about the wonderful life of dogs. Give your dog a kiss and tell him he’s a “good boy.” (or girl)

(Photos and video of Montana rescue dog ‘Happy’ via Natalie LaTurno Facebook)

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