Most Determined Dog Ever Struggles To Carry Giant Stick Across Small Bridge

What is it with dogs and sticks? They love sticks so much. They like to play fetch with it, and even bring it home. Some dogs would even choose the biggest stick they can find! And no matter how hard it can be, they will do everything they can to bring the huge stick with them.

Now this dog found a big stick during their walk. And he sure wants to bring it home with him. But there’s just one problem, he’s carrying the stick with his mouth, and it’s too wide to fit through the narrow wooden bridge. He got through the first half of the bridge, and he’s stuck in the middle. Check out the video below and see how this dog gets through the bridge!

Nice going, doggy! You showed everyone that persistence is key!

Has your dog ever went through a similar problem? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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