Most Dogs Hate Baths, But This One Knew The Water Was Saving Its Life

There’s something so relaxing and restorative about a good bubble bath. One pup in particular, Rudy the rescue, knows this better than anyone.
You can often find him getting hand-fed snacks while he takes a soak in a treated bath. Sometimes there’s even a candle lit on the ledge of the oversized sink. Sure, it might sound like a lavish way to spoil a dog, but Rudy deserves – and actually needs – every second of his baths.

Back in November, this poor pup was found abandoned in a plastic bucket in New York City.


SNARR Northeast was called to the scene to take on the case; his condition was far too terrible for the local shelter to attend to on their own.


Rudy was extremely malnourished and covered in woulds, some of which reached all the way down to the bone.


Almost all of his fur was gone and his front leg was severely fractured.


On top of all of his outward ailments, his bladder was torn and he had Cushing’s disease. The condition comes from complications of benign tumors on the pituitary gland.


After his initial stay at SNARR, Rudy was moved to a medical foster home, where he gets these healing baths, full of herbs and salts.


He’s receiving treatment for Cushing’s disease, his hair is growing back, and he seems to be filling out.

7He still needs surgery to fix his fractured leg…


He’ll just have to keep building his strength…


And taking his healing, soothing baths until he’s healthy enough for adoption.


He will always need treatment for his chronic conditions, and depending on how surgery eventually goes on his leg, might need a wheelchair.


But no doubt, this adorable, loving fighter will find a family who can give him all the care he needs.


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