Mother Dog and Puppies Found Living in a Cardboard Box Rescued

A member of the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, discovered a mother dog and her puppies living in a cardboard box. The heart-wrenching sight of the small family huddled together in such pitiful conditions prompted immediate action.

Earning the mother dog’s trust was the initial hurdle, and this took time. The rescuer decided to start with the puppies, as their mother’s concern for them would keep her close. This strategy allowed the rescuer to slowly build trust with the mother.

Once trust was established, he was able to safely secure the mother dog in a separate crate. This enabled the entire family to be transported to a secure shelter. The mother and her puppies were later placed in a foster home while they awaited adoption into forever homes.

The journey of this brave mother dog and her puppies from the cold streets to a warm, loving home is captured in the video below. Their resilience and the kindness of those who came to their aid serve as reminders of the difference a little compassion can make.

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