Mother Dog Takes In An Abandoned Baby As Her Own And Saves His Life

Female dogs have such amazing maternal instincts. We’ve seen several videos of mother dogs who have adopted other baby animals and treated them like their own. Just like the Boston Terrier who started producing milk when she adopted a couple of orphan kittens. With such strong maternal instincts, another mother dog has made it to the news after saving an abandoned baby.

In La Plata, Argentina, a dog has become a hero after she rescued an abandoned baby boy. Her name is China. China just gave birth to six puppies. One day she heard an infant crying. When she saw the abandoned baby, her maternal instincts immediately prompted her to become a protective mother of the poor baby. She kept the baby warm and she watched over him until the neighbors came. Watch the video below for the full story!

The little boy is saved because of China’s amazing maternal instincts. The baby would’ve died if China wasn’t there to protect him and keep him warm.

You’re a hero, China! Bless you for saving that poor little baby boy!

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