Mother Dog Watches Over Her Premature Newborn Puppies In Heartwarming Video

A concerned mother dog kept a close eye on her premature puppies after two of them were too weak upon birth and needed a little extra care. In this heartwarming video, Kuma watches anxiously as two of her puppies are being cared for in an incubator.

The four-year-old mother went into labor early and gave birth to three puppies in Bangkok. The pups were placed in an incubator by veterinarians. So Kuma stood anxiously on a green vet’s stool with one paw on the side of the incubator while peering inside lovingly at her children.

Not seen in the video footage is the proud papa dog, named Sour Pork. He was sitting calmly on the floor by Kuma, lending his support to the worried mother.

According to Newsflare, the three puppies went home later that day with their parents. Their human said: “They’re so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them.”

Every new mother hopes her babies are born healthy and strong, but sometimes newborns are born prematurely and need extra help. We’re just glad to know that Kuma’s puppies are all doing well and are now being cared for by their mother.

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