Motorcyclist Sees Tiny Kitten In Middle Of Road, Stops Traffic To Get To Her

Quentin Leroy was out riding his motorcycle when something caught his eye for just a split second. It appeared to be a tiny animal in the middle of the road, so he pulled over and stopped traffic to go see what was going on.

He realized it was a small kitten and yelled out “no!” understanding the danger the poor thing was in. Another driver also stopped, and they halted traffic to save the kitten’s life.

Nous sauvons un chaton sur l'autoroute !

Bonjour, jeudi soir, avec l'aide de ce monsieur, nous avons sauvé un chaton qui se trouvait sur la montée de la R5 au niveau de Cuesme vers Mons. J'aimerais retrouver ce monsieur pour avoir des nouvelles du chaton. Donc si vous le reconnaissez, merci de me contacter en privé.Bonne journéeLa vidéo complète ici : nouvelles du chaton :

Posted by LRY Production on Saturday, August 31, 2019

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