This Multi-Talented Bulldog Will Make You Feel Unathletic

Oh, sports. Although entertaining to watch, not all of us are lucky enough to have the athletic abilities needed to actually participate in the fun. Our dogs, it turns out, also like the idea of fun and games! Most of us have seen footage at some point of a dog being able to balance adorably on a skateboard, flying down the street while their owner records, but the multi-talented Bulldog you’re about to meet takes it a step further.

Tillman is a very active pup – not only does he skateboard…he’s also an impressive snowboarder and surfer! Talk about staying busy. In the awesome footage below, we see him show off his diverse skills on the street, in ocean and on the slopes.

We wonder how long it took Tillman to successfully learn these sports. Must have been a lot of dedication and time from both him and his owner! That hard work definitely paid off, though!

Look at him go…
Is there a dog version of the Olympics? If not, there definitely should be…and we have a feeling Tillman would walk away with the gold!

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