Murphy the dog needed lifesaving surgery after munching his way through SIX golf balls

Owner David Larson thought German shepherd Murphy had become sick after eating a bone and was stunned when the vet told him what was wrong

1All better: Murphy the German Shepherd underwent an emergency operation after swallowing SIX golf balls

A dog had to have a lifesaving operation after it was discovered he had swallowed six golf balls.

Owner David Larson thought German shepherd Murphy had become sick after eating a bone.

But vets spotted “foreign bodies” in the seven-year old rescue dog’s stomach.

David, a joiner, said: “I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve only had him for 18 months and he has never come into contact with golf balls during that time so they must have been lodged inside him for a long time.”

2Lodged: The golf balls after they were removed from Murphy’s stomach

Murphy is now making a full recovery at home.

David, from Jarrow, on Tyneside, said: “Having the golf balls inside him must have affected him because I’ve noticed since the operation he is much brighter and much more playful,” he added.

“He was a bit down before and he was maybe having problems. He is very happy and very playful.

“He has made an excellent recovery since the operation ­and I’m going to make sure he is never given bones or allowed anywhere near a golf course in future.”

The surgery was carried out by experts at Westway Veterinary Group hospital in West Road in Newcastle.

Vet Mandy Ball said: “Murphy had been vomiting, had a very painful abdomen and was dehydrated.

3X-Ray: The golf balls inside Murphy the German Shepherd

“We stabilised him with a drip, pain killers and antibiotics before going ahead with surgery the next morning.
“His condition was life-threatening.

“We gave him a general anaesthetic and cut into his stomach to remove the six golf balls.

Mandy is warning owners not to let their dogs play with golf balls during the summer.

She said: “Owners need to watch what their dogs get up to when out and about. They may even need to put a basket muzzle on their dog when off lead if they are likely to swallow things like balls and stones.

“Dogs can become very ill quickly as they can obstruct the stomach and intestines.”

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