Najya was starving as most families were being thankful

In Lorain County, Ohio, the heartbreaking photos of a starving dog, dubbed Najya, came into Fido’s Companion Rescue Inc as most families were preparing for their Thanksgiving Day feasts.

“While we were all gathering with family, being thankful for food and love, this dog was being starved of both in someone’s “care,” the Avon, Ohio based rescue group posted on social media.

Najya came into the Lorain County’s animal warden as a stray in an emergency situation. Who can imagine what this young dog has had to endure?

“How do people let this happen?  We are seeing it over and over again… It’s unnerving and emotionally and financially draining on rescue, but nothing compared to what it is to these suffering animals,” the organization continued.

Najya will be treated at the West Park Animal Hospital. And that is what Fido’s Companion Rescue Inc does – they “care for the neglected, forgotten and needy.

Check out her video. This dog deserves so much better.

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