Naked Robber Apprehended by Police Dog

A high speed chase in Whittier, California ended when a police dog captured a naked man as he fled a stolen Hummer.

The suspect can be seen running from police in news helicopter footage below. The Telegraph reports that the car thief led officers on a high speed chase until blowing a tire and ditching the stolen limousine. As he fled on foot, it quickly became apparent that the man had forgone the formality of donning apparel before pulling of the heist.

A K-9 unit was deployed to apprehend the suspect and was able to do so in a matter of seconds. Without the benefit of clothing, one can only imagine the potential for unpleasant injuries: the man was taken to an area hospital for treatment of dog bites, but no official report of his condition was available as of last evening.

Crimes committed in the nude may be (thankfully) a rarity, but just last month, a Colorado man attempted to hold up a liquor store wearing only a pair white socks.

Watch the conclusion of the chase in the following report from ITN.

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