Near Death Puppy Found in Snow, Revived Through Compassionate Love and Care

When a woman received a call about a dog on the brink of hypothermia, she had no idea what she would encounter.

The heartbreaking scene unfolded in Arkhonskaya, Russia, a town known for its harsh weather conditions. A heartless individual had apparently left a helpless puppy to freeze in a cardboard box buried in the snow. In the freezing cold, the severely hypothermic puppy was fighting for his life.

Tamara, the woman who responded to the call, was heartbroken to see such cruelty meted out to a defenseless creature. It was clear that had she not come to the rescue, the little one would have perished within a few hours.

Without a second thought, she scooped up the tiny, ice-cold puppy and rushed him to a veterinary clinic.

The puppy’s condition was critical; his body temperature was so low it was off the vet’s scale, his breathing was extremely weak, and he barely moved. His small body seemed lifeless and due to his severe dehydration, they couldn’t conduct further tests to understand the extent of his health problems.

Tamara is a volunteer at the Dublin Shelter. The selfless team there decided to take care of the little guy, vowing to do whatever it took to convince the puppy to resist the odds and cling to life. They named him Joseph, a name symbolizing that the little creature really needed a miracle to survive.

At the clinic, Joseph was placed on a heating pad to help him regain a normal body temperature. However, things became complicated as his breathing grew weaker.

Joseph needed a blood transfusion urgently. It meant that he would have to stay in the clinic for several days while the veterinarians prayed for a miracle. They held on to faith and hope and didn’t give up the fight for Joseph’s life.

After a few days, Joseph began showing signs of improvement. “We could hear his voice, and finally, some tests could be performed,” the rescuers shared.

They discovered that Joseph’s health problems weren’t just related to his hypothermic state, but he was also infested with internal parasites that were effectively eating him alive, causing severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and overall weakness.

Joseph was promptly dewormed, and despite his tiny size and fragile state, he seemed determined to hang on to life. The following day, the puppy started to show signs of vitality which brought hope to everyone involved.

Despite still being weak and needing intravenous treatment, which could be quite uncomfortable for him, all the veterinarians did their utmost to make Joseph feel safe and minimize his suffering.

Joseph’s incredible recovery, largely due to the selfless efforts of his heroes who spared no effort in ensuring his recovery, was shared on social media platforms. The deep love they showered on him played a major role in his miraculous turnaround.

It is only a matter of time before this little puppy, who once faced the worst kind of cruelty from a heartless human, experiences a complete transformation and finally receives the love-filled life he always deserved.

Through this journey, Joseph has proven to be a beacon of resilience and a testament to the power of compassion and care. His survival story serves as a reminder of our duty to protect these innocent creatures and the profound impact of kindness. The Dublin Shelter continues its inspiring work, ready to extend love and care to the next animal in need, reminding us that miracles can indeed happen when we lead with love and compassion.

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