Nearly 170 dogs rescued from ‘appalling’ conditions at puppy mill

Nearly 170 dogs have been rescued from “appalling” conditions at an Iowa puppy mill operation. According to the ASPCA, the dogs were rescued on Monday after local officials executed a search warrant at property in Worth County.

The conditions

In a news release, the ASPCA described the substandard conditions that the dogs were forced to live in:

Many of the dogs were found in filthy dilapidated kennels in below freezing temperatures with minimal protection from the elements. There was debris scattered throughout the property as responders worked to safely remove fearful and undersocialized dogs.

The owner of the dogs was on the radar of the local authorities, despite having been previously licensed through the USDA. “We have tried to work with the individual in addressing the growing concerns about the welfare of her animals over the past several months and unfortunately met resistance,” said Sheriff Dan Fank with the Worth County Sheriff’s Office. “This is a large-scale breeding operation involving many animals, and we asked the ASPCA and their affiliates for assistance in removing them from the property and ensuring that they get much-needed care and treatment as we continue our investigation.”

Moving forward

The dogs and puppies, all Samoyed, are being moved to a temporary shelter where they will receive the care that they need to recover from neglect. Multiple agencies worked together to make the rescue possible. The ASPCA acknowledge the support received from: Animal Rescue League of Iowa; Companion Animal Practices North America; Dubuque Regional Humane Society; Humane Society of North Iowa; Humane Society of Scott County; Nebraska Humane Society; Veterinary Centers of America (VCA); and Wichita Animal Action League.

Charges likely

Animal neglect charges are pending based on evidence collected by ASPCA experts in support of the investigation. The ASPCA’s Legal Advocacy department will work closely with law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure the best outcome for these animals.


Donations to help support the care for these dogs can be made at this link to the ASPCA.
(Image via ASPCA)

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