Need A Pick-Me-Up? Watch This Dog And Seal Snuggle On A Beach!

On a beach in Le Cap Ferret, France, an unlikely friendship was formed. An often-spotted seal (affectionately named ‘You’ by locals) found himself curious about one particular beachgoer, a cute and (of course!) very friendly Golden Labrador.

In the incredible footage, we see the two snuggle up together like they’ve known each other for years! It really is adorable to watch. The seal shuffles on over, puts a paw on the dog, and the snuggle session begins, warming the hearts of everyone on the beach, and, now, everyone watching the video.

This unlikely pair of pals proves that regardless of species, animals can often connect with each other on a universal level. What a beautiful lesson in acceptance we humans can learn from!

Be honest…how many times did you say ‘DAW!’ while watching that?

We wonder if You is this friendly with his fellow seals, or if he reserves this kind of sweet affection for new friends. The lab is so patient and accepting of this quick friendship – do you think your dog would respond the same way to being befriended by a different kind of animal?

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