Neglected And Severely Wounded, This Pup Was Thought To Be A Goner! Her Recovery… Miraculous!

Violet (an adorable little terrier) was severely injured after being mauled by another dog. Her original owners attempted to heal her wounds with a type of wound spray that turned her fur the color purple. The shelter made the fantastic decision to call in Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch to see if she and her team could do anything to help poor Violet. And guess what? Dr. Karri decided to take Violet out of the shelter and bring to Vet Ranch in order to help her heal!

Her road to recovery was definitely not an easy one. She had a lot of serious wounds, especially one by her ear that, not only caused an infection to develop in her inner ear, but also caused her to have what is called a head-tilt. Dr. Karri and her team couldn’t determine exactly when injuries occurred, or how long her previous owners neglected getting Violet treatment; the only thing they did know is that Violet was in some serious pain.

For the first round of treatments, Violet was sedated because of all the pain she was in. Dr. Karri flushed out her wounds, inserted drain tubes, and set Violet up with some heavy-duty antibiotics and pain meds before slowly bringing her out of her sedated state. A mere 24 hours after her initial treatments, Violet was slowly starting to eat on her own. And after just 12 days into her stay at Vet Ranch, Violet had her drain tubes removed, had her stitches removed, and was no longer falling to the left as she walked! And while she still had a bit of a head-tilt (which I find endearing), Violet was 100% healthy and adoptable!

Violet’s case was definitely one of the saddest I’ve seen, luckily she did get her happy ending! According to Vet Ranch, Violet was adopted into a loving family where she gets to live a healthy and happy life!

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