Neighbor’s Nosy Dog Uses Trampoline To Jump Up And Say ‘Hi!’

Adding a dog to your life is one of the best things a person can do. They provide instant happiness and constant affection for their humans, and their loyalty is famously second to none. Of course, it’s not something you should do without making sure you’re up to the responsibility of caring for them and able to provide ample amounts of love on a daily basis. The cuties can definitely be a handful! But when you connect with your perfect canine, there’s really nothing that can compare to that amazing bond!

Sadly, I had to leave my childhood pets back home when I moved to the big city of New York a few years ago. I still think about them every day and am certainly not above placing a Skype call specifically to check in on them, but it’s not quite the same as seeing their happy faces in person. If only I had a neighbor like this guy, I would be able to see a sweet puppy pal every time I walked outside!

Despite the tall fence between them, the curious pup finds a way to keep tabs on his buddy next door thanks to a helpful trampoline. That’s right, the nosy little guy hops his way into the air for quick glimpses at the yard to make sure he’s not missing out on any fun! He barks the whole time as if he’s repeating a friendly “Hello!” over and over again. It’s too funny and so, so adorable!

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