Nepal Festival Celebrates Sanctity of Dogs’ LIVES

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is over, but the fight to stop it isn’t.  Hopefully this will become a thing of the past soon, but if you are looking for a more agreeable dog festival, you need not look any further than Nepal.


In Nepal  they celebrate the Tihar Festival.  The five day event honors many things throughout, but on the second day the honorees are the dogs.


Day two of the festival is called Kukur Tihar.  During this part of the festival, dogs are worshiped as representations of the Hindu god Bhairav.


Dogs are given flower garlands as a sign of the people’s respect for the wonder that is the relationship between dog and man.


The dogs are marked on the forehead with red powder paint, which is a common practice among Hindus to signify sacredness.


It should come to no surprise that the dogs are also lavished with delicious foods and treats.  What dog wouldn’t love that?!


Basically, on the second day, dogs rule.  End of story.  Judging by the photos, there seem to be many happy dogs in Nepal.


So, if you were looking for a festival that is dog friendly, and will give them a day dedicated specially to them, Nepal is the place for you!


The festival takes place in the fall, but you don’t actually need to take your pet all the way there if it isn’t convenient.


Many people around the world celebrate the day and honor their pooches, who is sometimes the best member of the family all together.


The 9th of November, 2015 is Kukur Tihar.  Why not show your dog some love?  We would love to see pictures of your dog adorned with his or her floral garland!

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